Awake in the Wild Meditation in Nature Facilitator Training 2018-2019

with Mark Coleman

Thank you for your interest in the apprenticeship training in guiding nature-based mindful contemplative practice. The training will be inspired by the book Awake in the Wild (AITW) and by the wilderness retreats led by Mark Coleman for more than a decade across the Americas. This is Mark’s soul work and he is delighted to share it with a group of dedicated nature practitioners.

This training is for people who care deeply about the earth and who have a profound connection with nature through their own direct experience and contemplative practice. Equally important it is for those who feel called to take people deep into nature with a spirit of reverence and contemplation.

This program will have two residential retreats per year with Mark in California or the western states. There will also be monthly online tutorials and your own personal nature-based work and practicum. Full details are outlined below.

Course Details

This in-depth apprenticeship training in nature-based mindful contemplative practice trains you to:

  • Teach mindfulness in nature
  • Teach specific AITW practices
  • Facilitate meditation in nature immersive experiences
  • Teach AITW classes, daylong and weekend programs


This training will be organized under an apprenticeship model. This means that Mark will be sharing his heart and soul’s knowledge of nature-based meditation as a way to inspire your own creativity and nature-based work. Upon successful completion of the course, you may teach nature-based meditation practices and we encourage you to be creatively inspired by Mark’s practices and content. If, after gaining experience teaching nature-based meditation workshops and courses, you would like to become a certified AITW facilitator, you are encouraged to apply for authorization that may requires apprenticing with Mark.

As you can see, this is a different model than a typical teacher training and we feel it will best support the work to thrive – based on creative empowerment and learning by apprenticing.


This training will take place over 2 years including 4 AITW immersion retreats. It will include:

  • Multiple immersions in the Awake in the Wild experience
  • Orientation to teaching foundational and in-depth nature-based meditation practices
  • Applications of contemplative practice in the wild to daily life
  • Nuts and bolts of organizing and holding a nature meditation course
  • Exploring the key elements of a AITW retreat which includes cultivating the areas of silence, meditation, community, wilderness, inquiry, awareness and love
  • Learning how to teach nature-based practices in multiple formats
  • Understanding issues of diversity and cultural sensitivity to different populations
  • Integrate issues relating to the climate / ecological crisis in the context from a mindfulness and compassionate perspective



This is not a Wilderness Guide Training (all my retreats are accompanied by a certified wilderness guide).

This is not a mindfulness teacher training. (Applicants are expected to have a pre-existing thorough understanding of mindfulness meditation and have had experience in teaching). 

If you want to teach AITW intensive silent retreats longer than a weekend, this requires individual approval from Mark. Apprenticeship for this is available on an individual basis with Mark post-graduation.


Minimum five years regular meditation practice (mindfulness based)
Two silent mindfulness / meditation retreats of 5 days or longer
Extensive experience being in nature
Meditation Teaching experience (preferable)



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