• Nature Retreats

    Do you desire a quiet place for renewal, reflection and rejuvenation?

    Have you felt the call to explore sacred wilderness, with fellow adventurers to support your journey?

    Do you yearn to discover your True Nature?


    What nature retreats are like:

    Imagine a retreat where you are immersed in the wilderness surrounded by spectacular beauty.  Your fellow travelers share your appreciation of the earth. The retreat is held in silence that allows you to listen deeply to yourself and the environment. Your mind and body come into a deep stillness and peace while cultivating mindfulness and the inner art of meditation.  As awareness grows you learn from your own experience and the teachings of the natural world. Over time old armoring softens and your heart opens with appreciation and love for the power of nature and everything within it.


    Our Community

    Your fellow travelers come from all walks of life – students, retirees, lawyers, teachers, scientists and artists.  Some are new to meditation, others are life long practitioners seeking to discover new dimensions of their meditative practice.  Some are seasoned backpackers and others have never set foot in the wild.   All are welcome and supported by the safety of trained guides.


    Meditating in Nature

    When we train our minds through mindfulness to quiet and focus in the heart of nature, we can transform our lives and discover our true nature. To understand the teachings coming from the natural world, we need a certain sensitivity that mindful presence develops.

    On Nature Retreats, we draw on ancient and contemporary techniques of Buddhist meditation. We cultivate a simple yet profound quality of mindful awareness.

    This quality of presence allows us to listen deeply to ourselves and our environment.  This sensibility also opens us to joy, receptivity, and an appreciative heart.


    Photos from Nature Retreats with Mark


    The Beauty of Silence

    Silence is the doorway to a receptive presence that unlocks the mystery of nature.

    My meditation retreats occur in silence.  Silence is not just an absence of talking.  It is a space of inner quiet that opens us to the subtle and profound teachings of the earth.  In such quietude we can attune to the stillness in nature, opening the door to a depth of clarity and insight.

    It is a beautiful thing to be in the wilderness with others, in community, and in a shared silence that is warm, supportive and loving.   To support your comfort and ease, speaking with the retreat teacher or wilderness guide when needed is welcomed.


    A Typical Day on Retreat

    We wake at dawn to start the day with a serene sunrise meditation.  Our morning session of yoga or Qi Gong, a mindful movement practice, awakens the body and is followed by meditation and a hearty breakfast.  If we are moving that day we pack our camp.  I guide a meditation and introduces the practice theme of the day before we set off to hike, kayak or float down river. Lunch is followed by a free period of resting, swimming, bathing, exploring the landscape, and personal meditation practice.

    For layover days, we spend the morning engaged in sitting and walking nature meditations. I meet with everyone in a group or individually to discuss mediation retreat practice.  There is also more space for solo time, exploring the local terrain and learning about the local geology, flora, fauna, orienting us more fully to where we are.

    We reconvene in the afternoon for meditation and dharma talk and discussion on the theme of practice in nature. A delicious dinner lovingly prepared is followed by evening meditation under the stars and occasional campfires.


    Photos from Nature Retreats with Mark