• The Power of Nature

    For the past twenty years I have been exploring what it means to be awake, to meditate with presence in nature.

    The richest journey of my life, it nourishes me and brings renewal, purpose and a deep love of the earth and all of its sublime teachings.

    My passion is guiding people in meditation in the heart of nature. I facilitate retreats where we enter the natural world in the spirit of adventure and contemplation.

    In silence, receptivity and curiosity, we discover our true nature, a life of inner sustainability, and an open heart, informed by the wisdom of the earth.

    This rich combination of mindfulness, nature and ancient Buddhist wisdom informs all aspects of my life, from leading insight meditation retreats to coaching, poetry writing, lecturing and service work.

    I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you.




    Mark Coleman, M.A., founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute, is an internationally recognized mindfulness facilitator who has guided students on five continents to find greater peace and fulfillment through nature-based mindfulness practice and mindfulness retreats. The author of Awake in the Wild, Mark is also a corporate consultant, individual counselor, poet, wilderness guide, and outdoor adventurer.


    Photos from Nature Retreats with Mark