• Retreats and Classes

    Without awareness, nothing is possible.  Mindfulness is the cultivation and application of presence that brings insight and transformation into the heart of our lives.

    Mindfulness is an intentional quality of attention that supports living in the present moment with clarity, and insight, free from reactivity. Cultivated through simple techniques like observing one’s breath, body, senses, and physical activities like walking, mindfulness helps develop calm, focus, and clarity wherever we are.

    Mindfulness meditation is a personal sustainability practice, allowing you to stay connected to yourself and in turn helps nurture understanding and wisdom in living a wise, balanced, fulfilled life.


    Roots of My Teaching

    The Buddha taught mindfulness as an essential part of the spiritual path. Radical in its simplicity, it is the perfect antidote for our scattered minds, restless bodies and multi-tasking distracted culture.  He taught mindfulness as a critical to understand ourselves, as a tool for perceiving how we create our own pain and how to live a life of peace and freedom in this very moment.

    My teaching follows in the tradition of the Buddha and countless monks, nuns and meditators from all spiritual traditions, who for thousands of years have sought refuge in the mountains, forests caves and wild places of the earth as the most conducive environment to awaken.

    I also draw on the Buddha’s teachings on the boundless nature of the heart, which supports people to develop beautiful qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity. The combination of mindfulness and heart practices form the foundation for meeting our selves and life with wisdom and kindness.


    I have an extensive teaching schedule at my ‘home base’ center in Marin, California, Spirit Rock Meditation Center.  On many evenings I teach meditation and give dharma talks during the Monday Night Class that I share with Jack Kornfield.   Throughout the year, I lead more in-depth daylong retreats that focus on cultivating mindfulness and metta (kindness), as well as other essential qualities from the Insight Meditation tradition.  I also teach a year-long course, Essential Dharma, on the foundational teachings and practices of the Buddhist tradition.

    For a more in depth exploration of mindfulness practice, I teach Insight Meditation retreats  at Spirit Rock and all over the country integrating wisdom from other disciplines like yoga, eastern movement traditions, and cognitive psychology.  Please see my schedule to learn more.  I also offer an extensive set of books, CDs, audio downloads, and webinars on the subjects of mindfulness, wisdom, nature based meditation, and compassion. Check out the audio / video pages for more details.