We protect the things we love.  Our selves, our family, our home—these things we know as our own and work to defend and preserve.  The earth is our own, too.  We are her stewards.  My deepest desire is to inspire others to walk deeply into nature, sensing our oneness with her, so that we may defend and protect her precious resources and exquisite balance of forces.

Knowing is not enough.  We must act, too.  A fully realized life allows us to blossom as both a whole being and as a force of good in the larger world.  Join me now in working to protect that which we love.

“And so I ask you: what light have you kept hidden for too long under some bushel that in its hiding makes this world and your self a poorer place?”   from “Hibiscus”, 2010.

Environmental Awareness and Action

I am committed to protecting the earth in large and small ways and actively try to live my values.  From small choices via recycling to larger ways like reducing the amount of things I buy and consume, every act can be a choice to align with my beliefs.   Several times a year in my blog, I will share with you actions I am taking through environmental organizations, actions you can join and participate in.  In this way, we can build a community of engaged environmental activism and share in protecting that which we love. sign the Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change. learn how much nature and ocean resources are required to sustain your lifestyle choices. join a scientific expedition to conduct environmental research. get trained in climate change presentations so you can spread the word. join local efforts to act and inform your neighbors about climate change

Mindfulness Research and Buddhism

My nature-based mindfulness practice flows from a rich tradition of Buddhist teachings and is grounded in scientifically-proven methods. Exploring these teachings will provide you a deep place of inquiry and a lifetime of sustenance.
I invite you to investigate this body of knowledge and, through it, yourself. Mindful Awareness Research Center