Oct 20 2020 - Jan 13 2021

Cost in $ (USD)

35-150 depending on duration and location
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Individual Mindful Walk- Be a Pilgrim for a Day

Be a pilgrim for a day: leave your phone behind and be ready to slow down, to fully engage your senses and to be amazed by the beauty that exists in the natural world. Come home refreshed and reconnected to yourself, others and nature, ready to fully engage your whole self to life.

The Individual Mindful Walk is a guided walk that is just for you, at a time, duration and place of your choice. The session includes a meditation practice in nature, silent walking, poetry reading and some reflective time alone. I can travel to trails near you, within 75 miles from my home (Palo Alto, CA), or I can show you one of my favorite trails. Of course, we will be following the COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of our walk. Interested? Contact me to schedule your walk and get a customized quote.



Anne-Marie Brest


  • Anne-Marie Brest
    Anne-Marie Brest

    Anne-Marie Brest is a life coach, a pilgrim and a solopreneur. Originally from France, Anne-Marie has worked in Silicon Valley for over twenty years, first leading teams of engineers internationally to serve Cadence Design Systems’ customers to adopt best-in-class electronic design software and processes, then as the founder and manager of, an online book rental business for children’s books in French. In 2017, Anne-Marie completed a professional coaching certification with New Ventures West and sold Les Petits Livres to start coaching full-time. In 2018, she participated in Mark Coleman’s Awake In The Wild training to learn more about mindfulness in nature. She is now taking these varied learnings and experiences, her love of walking in nature, her awe for the beautiful California landscapes and the sacred paths of Japan, into unique offerings of inner and outer pilgrimages: from walking and coaching sessions, to mindful hikes in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas all the way to pilgrimages in Japan, she integrates walking, silence, and the natural world with poetry and inquiry for the purpose of self-discovery and development of her fellow pilgrims.