Online Nature Meditation Sit – Weekends

Days: Saturday & Sunday
Start Time: 7:30 am Pacific Time / 10:00 am Eastern Time
Teacher: Awake in the Wild Teacher Community (Rotating)

These one-hour online meditations will be a support for all those who like to be in nature and feel the support of the natural world for our practice and to help calm and relax our body, mind, and heart. Special guest teachers will lead these weekend sits as part of a rotational teaching team. For the schedule of guest teachers, click here. This class is offered freely yet support is welcome for those who have the capacity to offer support. To offer support, click here.

The Sign-Up link above will take you to the Zoom registration for these daily meditations. Zoom will send you an email with the link to join the sessions (the link is the same every day). If you lose the email from Zoom, you can re-register and Zoom will send it to you again.




Jan 23 2021


Pacific Time
7:30 am

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  • Dorbea Cary
    Dorbea Cary

    Dorbea Cary, LCSW, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, is a seasoned meditator and instructor, facilitating interactive workshops in the Central Valley of California. She received her Teacher Certification from the Mindfulness Training Institute in 2017. In 2019, She completed a year long course, Awake in the Wild on Meditation in Nature.

    In the past, she has worked as a trainer, psychotherapist, and a University professor. Her area of interests include teaching mindfulness/meditation classes for health and wellness in nature. In nature, we can connect with ourselves and the natural world and develop calmness, clarity, and empathy. Turning off our computers & phones and getting into the natural environment recovers mental fatigue, rests our minds, improves our mood and increases our vitality.

    Dorbea leads both individual and group sessions of meditation in nature including daylong and half-day retreats. She also leads a free mindfulness in nature group at In Season Market and Nursery in Stockton California.

  • Gregory Crespo
    Gregory Crespo

    Greg has been practicing meditation in different forms for over 15 years and has completed the year-long Awake in the Wild nature meditation teacher training with Mark Coleman, learning to foster a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world through mindfulness and contemplative practices. He has led weekend retreats and workshops and finds sharing mindfulness and nature practices with others to be an important and rewarding endeavor. He believes deeply that nature can be a healing and supportive element of meditation practice and that—for our own health and for the health of our planet—we as a species desperately need to reconnect with nature.

    Greg is also a husband, father, veteran, and attorney. He is based in Los Angels where he works for the federal government conducting and supervising civil rights investigations.

  • Nina Horne
    Nina Horne

    Nina Horne is a meditation teacher with a twenty-five year practice of meditation and somatic mindfulness experience, and has spent more than 3 months in silent retreat. Originally seeking out yoga and meditation as a tool for managing panic attacks, Nina experienced the transformative power of calming the mind to calm the body, which led to studying and receiving training in a wide range of trauma-informed somatic healing practices, including somatic experiencing, EMDR, reiki, energy work, guided imagery, yoga, massage therapy, shamanic journeying and conscious dance. She’s known for her deeply grounded presence and heart-based teaching style.

    Her two decades of studying early Buddhist texts and other wisdom teachings grounds her approach in contemplative traditions from around the globe. In her professional life, Nina has served as a policy strategist for organizations like the U.N. and the White House, and is the founder of a national venture focused on building healthier teens and happier families. At home, Nina loves backcountry camping, leads women’s circles and ceremonies, and volunteers as an energy healer to underserved women living with cancer at an Oakland-based integrative clinic.

  • Sonia Marcus
    Sonia Marcus

    Sonia Marcus is a teacher with Deep Ecology Meditation who splits her time between the Pyrenees region of France and Spain and Western North Carolina. She leads both day-long and multi-day wilderness programs designed to allow participants to explore their relationship with the not-just-human world as something more than just an aesthetic backdrop or convenient metaphor. She believes that experiences in nature, paired with contemplative exercises, can help to reveal important dynamics and patterns within the natural systems themselves, deepening our appreciation of their “imperfect perfection”, thereby making us more aware of our own. Over time, Sonia has come to realize that her two great unending loves — for the forest and for the Dharma — are, in fact, one great unending love, inseparable and interdependent. Sonia’s programs tend to move through the landscape, promote enjoyment of nature in all seasons and all conditions, and expose participants to a wide variety of meditation practices. She often integrates her knowledge of local ecosystems into her teaching and encourages participants to do the same through group sharing activities. In her time off from meditation, Sonia has worked as the director of sustainability at the University of North Carolina Asheville and Ohio University, as a member of several contemplative pedagogy learning communities. Since 2018, she has also served on the board member of Southern Dharma Retreat Center near Hot Springs NC. Sonia is a certified Wilderness First Responder.