2023 Alums Retreat

Deposit Due By: Friday September 8th

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Point Reyes National Seashore

Black Mountain – Private Ranch

Dates: October 18-22

Accommodations: Camping

The site for this retreat is on a beautiful 1,300-acre working regenerative ranch on Black Mountain. Our camp location has superb 360-degree views partly overlooking Tomales Bay. It is very private and quiet and a great place for nature retreats. The owners in collaboration with myself are hoping that more people use this location for nature retreats as they are putting in infrastructure like showers and bathrooms for us.

Arriving At The Retreat

On Google Maps


14000 Pt Reyes – Petaluma Road
Point Reyes Station
CA 94956
IMPORTANT – Do NOT drive into the main entrance of the ranch which is Gate #7. We will only use Gate #8 entrance (which is just past the main ranch entrance on the Petaluma / Pt Reyes road (towards Pt Reyes).
The gate code is 1066
Always lock the gate behind you.

Dropping Stuff Off

Drive up the dirt road up a steep hill till you reach the kitchen camp area. Drop gear off there. Please plan to arrive 3-5 pm.

Walking in to the Campsite

There is a 5-7 minute walk from the kitchen area to the camping site so please pack accordingly. You are welcome to make multiple trips so please be mindful of your own capacity to carry things back and forth. We may be able to drive some things from the kitchen to the camping site but this is not guaranteed so please plan accordingly.

What to Bring

This is a camping retreat so bring these basics plus whatever else you may need to be comfortable
  • Camping gear – tent, pad, sleeping bag, pillow, etc
  • For Dining – plate, bowl, utensils, thermal cup/thermos
  • Sitting – your preferred sit gear – zafu, bench, chair, etc. I will bring a few extra zafus, folding chairs, etc. Something to put on the ground.
  • Weather – looks very pleasant – lows in the mid-50s and highs in the low 70s. Remember we are meditating and camping – so the body will feel cooler than normal. Also, it can be quite breezy/foggy there at times which are both cooling.
  • Clothes – bring layers and a good warm down type jacket and windbreaker & (rain pants more for warmth than rain but you never know!), warm hat, scarf, sun hat, sunglasses. Hiking shoes.
  • Food – Those who are flying in, bring the usual snacks, etc. For those who are local, Elizabeth McCloud will be your contact person as we will all be contributing food and participating in helping out with cooking meals together.
  • Additional things. Notebook, pens, flashlight, portable night lights if you have them, Water bottle, toiletries, etc.

Emergency Contacts

If you get lost please call Tom Lamar at 415.602.7474

or Mark at 415.233.3100