Streaming – On Demand

Streaming – On Demand

Waking Up

Meditating in Nature

A 14 Session Series

Available on the Waking Up App

In Meditating in Nature, Mark Coleman invites us to cultivate “the joy and profundity of a nature-based practice.” Across eight guided sessions, Mark reveals how the simplest of experiences ~ “listening to morning birdsong, gazing up at the vastness of the night sky, lying in a wildflower meadow”  ~ can make meditation more effortless and enjoyable, and even “open the mind to insight about timeless truths.”

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Waking Up

Mindfulness in Nature
Cultivating Embodied Awareness

A 4-week Experiential Meditation in Nature Program

On-Demand Course Hosted by Sangha Live

Ancient wisdom teachings, including those of the Buddha, ask humans to pay attention to the richness of life on our planet, to offer gratitude for all that we receive, and to care for all living things. And yet, while the earth calls for our attention, our focus is lost in digital screens and indoor living. As a result, we feel deeply disconnected, distracted, and dulled. We also fail to respond wisely as the earth and its species suffer greatly.

The good news? We can reawaken our sensory awareness by stepping out into any natural setting and skillfully expanding the field of our attention. Through meditation in the natural world, we can open our minds and hearts, and form a deeper connection with all living things.

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