Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

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Become a Teacher

MBNE – Mindfulness-based Nature Experience

A 6 Week Mindfulness in Nature Meditation Course

Live on Zoom with Mark Coleman

All Class Sessions Will be Recorded

Starts: Tuesday April 18, 2023

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Pacific Time)

In this 6-week class, you will learn to cultivate many beautiful nature practices including foundational techniques like breathing with nature, arriving practice, mindfulness of body outdoors, and listening meditation. You will also learn sensory awareness meditations and how to practice meditation as a meandering practice with various points of focus such as orientating toward curiosity, love, or open awareness… (All sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing within 48 hours of each session – for review or for those who cannot attend live.)

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Teacher Training

A Yearlong Apprenticeship Training

Offered in Europe and North America

In-person with online components

The Awake in the Wild Teacher Training is an apprenticeship training in contemplative nature practice, inspired by contemporary mindfulness practice, traditional Buddhist wisdom, and by Mark Coleman’s 2006 book Awake in the Wild. Mark has been leading wilderness retreats for mindful nature lovers across the Americas since 2003 and has trained and inspired 65+ AitW teachers from around the world.

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Mindfulness in Nature
Cultivating Embodied Awareness

A 4-week Experiential Meditation in Nature Program

On-Demand Course Hosted by Sangha Live

Ancient wisdom teachings, including those of the Buddha, ask humans to pay attention to the richness of life on our planet, to offer gratitude for all that we receive, and to care for all living things. And yet, while the earth calls for our attention, our focus is lost in digital screens and indoor living. As a result, we feel deeply disconnected, distracted, and dulled. We also fail to respond wisely as the earth and its species suffer greatly.

The good news? We can reawaken our sensory awareness by stepping out into any natural setting and skillfully expanding the field of our attention. Through meditation in the natural world, we can open our minds and hearts, and form a deeper connection with all living things.

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Nature Meditation For Joy, Wisdom and Wonder

A Yearlong Community Invitation

52 weeks – 52 meditations

Starts Next: February 2024

Through 52 engaging weekly practices, you will (learn to) meditate in a variety of nature landscapes in all kinds of weather with confidence and clarity. This yearlong meditation practice is supported by Mark Coleman’s A Field Guide to Nature Meditation which will serve as our “guide-book” for the practice. Mark will provide guidance by email each month as to which weekly meditations we will be practicing throughout that month. We will focus on practicing one of the 52 meditations each week, as presented in this Field Guide, as an integral part of the yearlong commitment to nature meditation.

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