Mindfulness in Nature

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What is an “Awake in the Wild” experience?

Awake in the Wild Nature is a unique way to be in nature. It is the art of being outdoors with a contemplative attention. Through cultivating mindfulness people can cultivate a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world.

Unlike being indoors, meditating in nature allows you to utilize all your senses and the richness of the natural world as a support for being vividly present. From that intimate connection, one senses ones place in the web of life. By doing so, the wisdom and wonders of nature are revealed.

Utilizing various Awake in the Wild mindfulness based practices outdoors allows you to touch a sense of joy, wonder, love and connection. A direct way to wake up to the preciousness of this moment and the beauty of the earth we all share. Out of that connection can arise a deep care for the planet and an aspiration to live in greater harmony and sustainability.

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Our teachers will take you on a journey to explore your inner and outer world grounded in the spacious setting of the natural world.

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Self Discovery

Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self Discovery

In nature we can feel a visceral living connection with life all around us. Being outdoors with a contemplative awareness, we can sense how we are held and nourished exquisitely by the intricate web of life that is supporting us in every moment, every breath. Such an orientation helps us to discover our place in the scheme of things to realize we are already connected and whole. Intimacy with nature can both heal us and teach us to be in harmony and at peace with ourselves and the world.

~ Mark Coleman

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