A Nature Meditation Community

52 Weeks – 52 Meditations

2025 Yearlong Community

Nature Meditation

Nature Meditation

For Joy, Wisdom and Wonder

A Yearlong Immersion

Starts February 1st, 2025

A Community Invitation

Through 52 engaging weekly practices, you will (learn to) meditate in a variety of nature landscapes in all kinds of weather with confidence and clarity. This yearlong meditation practice is supported by Mark Coleman’s A Field Guide to Nature Meditation which will serve as our “guide-book” for the practice. Mark will provide guidance by email each month as to which weekly meditations we will be practicing throughout that month. We will focus on practicing one of the 52 meditations each week, as presented in this Field Guide, as an integral part of the yearlong commitment to nature meditation.

Throughout the year, you are invited to submit questions and observations about your practice. A monthly Q&A session will be held by a certified Awake in the Wild meditation teacher. As you practice these meditations, you are encouraged to connect with other members of the community by sharing photos and reflections about your nature based meditation experience in our dedicated Facebook group (optional). This yearlong meditation immersion is a support for enriching and clarifying your nature-based meditation practice as well as helping cultivate a meaningful relationship with the natural world, and a community dedicated to nature based awareness.

Program Includes

☀ Monthly emailed reflections and guidance from Mark Coleman
☀ A weekly structure for meditation – to last the year
☀ Opportunities to interact with a supportive community on FB
☀ Audio recordings of the mediations for each week- By Mark Coleman
☀ Monthly Q&A sessions on Zoom with an Awake in the Wild meditation teacher
☀ A directed and interactive experience with the Field Guide

Participant Commitment

Participate wholeheartedly in the 52 weekly meditations as best as you can over the year. Mark Coleman’s A Field Guide to Nature Meditation will serve as the supportive guide for the yearlong meditation immersion. You are encouraged to meditate in a natural setting where you live, with each of the meditations presented each week. Practicing these meditations in conjunction with a like-minded community will help sustain your meditation practice momentum throughout the year. You are encouraged to engage in the dedicated  Facebook group community, which will be moderated by trained AitW teachers throughout the year.

Supportive Resources

☀ A Field Guide to Nature Meditation by Mark Coleman
☀ A dedicated Facebook Group for/with fellow participants
☀ A supplemental Daily Meditation opportunity

Financial Contribution

The 52-Week Meditation Community is offered on a sliding scale with four pricing options with the registration fees determined so they mostly help cover the administrative costs of running this yearlong program. We ask that you consider paying at the highest rate that your generosity offers.

If you genuinely can’t afford to pay one of the pricing tiers listed here, including the $50 scholarship rate,  a limited number of reduced-rate scholarships are available to those in need – by request.

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2025 Yearlong Community

Starts February 1st, 2025

Opens Dec 2024

At home with monthly online Q&A sessions

Supporting Resource:
A Field Guide To Nature Meditation by Mark Coleman

Sliding Scale:
$50 – $250 (Suggested $150)

You can send your questions to us here.

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Mark Coleman

About The Teacher: Mark Coleman

Mark is an inner and outer explorer, who has devotedly studied mindfulness meditation practices for three decades. He is passionate about sharing the power of meditation and has taught mindfulness workshops and meditation retreats on six continents for the past twenty years.

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