Autumnal Equinox

Saturday September 23, 2023

4:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Eastern

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Special Event

Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox

With James Busby

Event Description

We invite you to join us for a 90-minute celebration of the autumnal equinox. The September equinox or the autumnal equinox—arrives on Saturday, September 23 and marks the day the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length. As temperatures drop, plant life begins to slow down and so do we. This is a period of change and transition and our nature-based mindfulness practices are a perfect way to bring the heart, mind and body into harmony with the one constant in life – change.

The fall equinox has been a day of celebration for cultures since ancient days as people have been tracking the transitions of the Earth’s journeys around the Sun for millennia. Please join us as we explore some the stories surrounding the changing of the seasons and put mindfulness into motion as a way of adapting to the ever present energy of change – in our days , our minds and in our everyday lives. Bringing awareness to a shifting of the light can help us be present to ourselves and others in the coming months. Through mindfulness, inquiry, deep listening and discussion, we’ll align our bodies with this transition and give voice and honor to any intentions that may emerge.

Event Information

Cost: $15 + Dana/Donation.
How to Attend: This event will be held live on Zoom and a video recording will be made available within 72 hours of the event’s conclusion to all registered participants.

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Saturday, Sept 23, 2023

4:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Eastern

90 Minutes

Online via Zoom – A recording of the event will be available to registered participants within 72 hours of the event’s conclusion.

$15 + Dana (donation)

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About The Teacher

James Busby

James Busby was born and raised in Alabama in 1962. He spent summers on his mother’s family farm outside of Clarksville TN, where he learned the names of creatures and plants from his first gurus: his grandmother and great aunt. He is currently a yoga, mindfulness, and CrossFit instructor in Los Angeles and loves sharing with seekers of all ages the transformative power of mindfulness in nature.

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