Sunday July 23, 2023

Rhythms, Cycles, and Elements of Healing with Nature: Finding our Way

Half Day Meditation Retreat

9am-1pm PT / 12-4pm ET
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Rhythms, Cycles, and Elements of Healing with Nature: Finding our Way

During this half-day nature meditation retreat we will have an opportunity to explore practices to embody the ways nature supports our learning to connect to rhythms, cycles, and the elements to heal and experience ways to more deeply live in an interconnected way with life. We will cultivate learning to listen to the rhythms of the day- the energies, light, and movements of life.

We will develop ways to integrate the cycles of the season of the places we inhabit, the energy of the sun/moon, and the life/death cycles of impermanence that are always being reflected in nature and in our own being. We will also explore deepening our relationship to the elements and the ways that they themselves have rhythms, cycles, and energies that we can connect with that allow us to more deeply live in harmony and interconnection with life. During this half-day retreat, you will experience guided meditation practices-both sitting and walking, instructions for time on your own to connect with the practices offered, and reflective inquiry and connection with sangha. All practice experience levels are welcome~

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Offered on a sliding scale: Starting at $35+ Dana

We honor the Buddhist principle of dana, or mutual generosity. Our teachers generously offer their teachings to our community. In a mutual invitation to practice generosity, our community is invited to give dana to support Awake in the Wild and our teachers. Awake in the Wild’s Live Online – Day of Practice allows you to drop in deeper, develop your meditation skills, and reset your intentions through sustained mindfulness practices. Our half-day retreats include longer periods of walking and sitting meditation, interspersed with teachings and instructions as well as an interactive Q&A session with our teacher… and more. This program will be recorded. ~ Replay access will be available to all registrants within 72 hours of the end of the live session. (Participants who cannot make the live session are still welcome to signup and practice via the recorded video on their own schedule.)

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Rochelle Calvert

About The Teacher

Rochelle Calvert has a devoted love to share the power and healing potential of mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature. She has studied and taught mindfulness for the past 16 years and knows personally the transformational potential. Rochelle leads courses and retreats in mindfulness, somatic experiencing and Awake in the Wild- nature-based mindfulness. She also facilitates professional trainings in mindfulness for clinicians and travels the country teaching seminars.

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