Mutual Generosity

The Awake in the Wild organization and teachers are sustained through the Buddhist-inspired tradition of mutual generosity, also known as ‘dana’. By offering their time and wisdom, our teachers assist in developing your nature-meditation practice. Your dana offerings, in turn, support their work, as well as future Awake in the Wild programs and teachings. Any generosity you can offer today will help us to collectively spread these teachings further. We thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Live: Nature Meditations

Our teachers generously offer their teachings to our community. In a mutual invitation to practice generosity, our community is invited to give dana to support the teachers. Your generosity helps to spread the goodness of this practice to others, and you are encouraged to contribute at a level that reflects the value that the sit brings to your own life.

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General Giving Fund

Have you been on an AitW outing with one of our teachers and feel moved to share your experience with others? Please consider giving to our general support fund. With these contributions, we will be better positioned to share the AitW experience with a wider audience including supporting under-served populations. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Support Our Operations

Scholarship Fund

With your generosity, we can provide scholarships for the students of our various programs who are qualified candidates in need of financial assistance. Your act of generosity helps to reduce barriers to participation for prospective practitioners who are in a time of need and helps spread the seeds of practice to beings everywhere.

Support Scholarships

* Contributions to Awake in the Wild are not tax-deductible.