Who Are We?

Awake in the Wild

Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation is a unique way to be in nature. It is the art of being outdoors with a contemplative presence. Through the power of mindfulness people can cultivate a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world.

Utilizing various mindfulness practices outdoors allows you to touch a sense of joy, wonder, love and connection. It is a way to wake up to the preciousness of this moment and the beauty of the earth we all share. Out of that connection can arise a deep care for the planet and a desire to live in greater harmony and sustainability.


Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of ones inner and outer environment, to be fully in the present moment with what is. It is an attention that is imbued with curiosity and care. Though an innate quality, with skilled guidance and practice, mindfulness can be developed and deepened through training the mind. With our AitW teachers, you will discover the power and personal effectiveness of the art of mindfulness meditation that can be done anywhere.

Current research reveals that these ancient practices, tried and tested for millennia, reduce stress, increase attention, and allow one to develop focus, insight and genuine well being. Through mindfulness practice, you will develop a profound awareness of your mind, body and heart as well as to the world around you. When we learn to pay attention without reactivity, we learn how to skillfully respond to stress and increase our capacity to act with wisdom and discernment in the world.


Nature practice helps us build a deep connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the natural world. AitW teachersĀ help people forge a deep love and understanding for the Earth with all its myriad species and life forms, through intimate and direct contemplative practices.

Our teachers have come together as a community centered in their love of nature. They are dedicated to sharing contemplative practices in the natural world and helping people awaken to their inter-connected nature. Such rich practices help us remember that we are not separate from the earth and all the wild diversity of flora and fauna that exist here. We are the earth becoming aware of itself and with our intricate interdependence with all life, including the waters we drink, the air we breathe.

The Planet

We are intimately inter-dependent with the Earth and all life that exists here. While the Earth will continue to evolve without humans, we cannot live without the Earth. Our teachers lead you on nature meditations and contemplative practices that help foster a deeper awareness and appreciation of the natural world.

Based on their varied approaches and backgrounds, teachers present a variety of nature-based meditation practices. There are meditations that open the heart to joy, some that heal our minds and bodies, while others grow a sense of awe and wonder. Given the ecological crises we are living in, there are practices that build resilience, or support our hearts to grieve, while others support a more engaged environmental activism. All of these components are essential to developing a connection to nature. The more deeply we connect to the Earth the more we learn live in harmony with nature and each other. If this appeals to you then explore an Awake in The Wild program to learn more about how grow your awareness, love and care for our only home.