Feb 05

Guide: Anne-Marie Brest

Anne-Marie Brest
Anne-Marie Brest
San Francisco Bay Area
Monterey Bay Area

About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Brest is a certified Integral Life Coach (New Ventures West, San Francisco) who believes in the powerful and magical practice of mindful walking in nature to reconnect to self, others and the bigger world.

She has taken her varied learnings and life experiences, her love of walking in nature, her awe for the beautiful California landscapes, and for the sacred paths of Japan into unique offerings of inner and outer pilgrimages: from walking while coaching sessions, to mindful hikes in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, and all the way to pilgrimages in Japan, she integrates walking, silence, and the natural world with poetry and inquiry for the purpose of self-discovery and development of her fellow pilgrims. She is also dedicated to acting for decarbonization and climate resilience and offers programs to move people from eco-anxiety to climate action. To join her on your path of self-discovery, near or far, to engage in your action for the climate, or to learn more about her offerings and background, you can visit her website www.designingyourlife.coach.