Apr 08

Guide: Cat Shank

Cat Shank
Cat Shank
Toas, NM

About Cat Shank

Cat Hunter Shank is an inner ecologist, a tender of soil and soul. Since childhood, Cat has found her greatest solace and inspiration from time outside, gleaning the wisdom of the beyond human world. Cat understands our collective neurosis—the dis-ease of our bodies and minds and the destruction of the Earth—to be rooted in our dominant culture becoming overly sedentary and screen focused. She aspires to reweave humans into the web of all life by attuning our inner landscape to the outer. May we turn to the willow tree—the one who stands tall, with branches relaxed, responding to the winds of change with ease.

Cat facilitates eco-somatic mindfulness experiences, blending outdoor Vipassana meditation and mindful movement inspired by biomimicry. Cat teaches yoga in local studios, to private clients online, and along the banks of the Rio Grande in partnership with whitewater rafting and rock climbing tour companies. She also tends the soil with K-12 students as a garden educator with a local non-profit in Taos, NM. If a winged creature, Cat feels most connected to the Great Blue Heron—a methodical hunter, one who ponders along the water’s edge, and takes flight with expansive swooping wings.