Feb 05

Guide: Diethild Simon

Diethild Simon
Diethild Simon
Berlin, Germany

About Me

I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation practice by Jisu Sunim, a Korean Zen Master in 2013.I went to an Awake in the Wild retreat with Mark Coleman at Spirit Rock Center in California in 2014. In 2016 I completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training again with Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward in England. With this certificate I offer mindfulness courses for teachers in the German Teacher Union. (I was a High School Teacher for more than 30 years, in senior positions in Germany, Portugal, and Brazil)From 2015 to 2017 I could deepen my mindfulness practice with the first “Professional Nature Meditation Teacher Training(Awake in the wild)Now I can integrate guided meditation in nature with mindfulness practices, which is a big support for most of my clients. My last life-transforming experience was in 2018 with Joanna Macy, learning about the power of nature to transform ourselves with compassion and love and transform our world little by little.