Feb 05

Guide: Dorbea Cary

Dorbea Cary
Dorbea Cary
Stockton, California

About Me

Dorbea Cary, LCSW, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, is a seasoned meditator and instructor, facilitating interactive workshops in the Central Valley of California. She received her Teacher Certification from the Mindfulness Training Institute in 2017. In 2019, She completed a year long course, Awake in the Wild on Meditation in Nature.

In the past, she has worked as a trainer, psychotherapist, and a University professor. Her area of interests include teaching mindfulness/meditation classes for health and wellness in nature. In nature, we can connect with ourselves and the natural world and develop calmness, clarity, and empathy. Turning off our computers & phones and getting into the natural environment recovers mental fatigue, rests our minds, improves our mood and increases our vitality.

Dorbea leads both individual and group sessions of meditation in nature including daylong and half-day retreats. She also leads a free mindfulness in nature group at In Season Market and Nursery in Stockton California. www.relaxingintopresence.com