Feb 05

Guide: Dorthe Djernis

Dorthe Djernis
Dorthe Djernis
Copenhagen, Denmark

About Me

I’d like you to join me for immersion in the Danish nature; the forest and the waters where I grew up and found so much calm and joy myself. It may be shorter hikes, day-longs or retreats: all tailor-made programs. My wish is to create conditions for you to feel connected to the nature within and outside of yourself. You may be a group of professionals that want out in nature to learn mostly through experience, but also from a little theory and discussions on how to integrate nature in a work life context. Or maybe you are a group more into a program of hiking, meditation and some sharing, but with less talk. I draw on my long experience with nature-based therapy and nature-based mindfulness, mostly from the University of Copenhagen, as well my work as a trained psychologist and PhD in nature-based mindfulness. I am born in 1965, and am thrilled to say that I also find inspiration and joy from bringing my grandchildren out in nature.