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Guide: Gail Wright

Gail Wright
Gail Wright
Menlo Park, CA
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About Gail Wright

Dr. Gail Wright is an outdoorswoman, mother, doctor, mindfulness teacher, and writer. Living wholeheartedly and helping people thrive have been unifying themes of her life. As a pediatric cardiologist, caring for children in the liminal space of a pediatric intensive care unit and working with people living with serious health conditions, Gail has cultivated a healing presence to hold uncertainty, fear, and vulnerability. She also has gained a deep understanding of the preciousness of each moment and the importance of finding joy and expressing gratitude every day.

Mindfulness practices strengthen our heart’s capacities to hold both the suffering and the joy. Mindfulness practices in Nature attune us to our wholeness and to our interconnection with the Earth and all communities of life. Experiencing this interconnection is key to flourishing. For Gail, getting outside every day is as essential as breathing. She grew up on a farm surrounded by the tidal wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay, and wilderness has always been a source of renewal and healing. Gail is delighted to integrate all of these practices for opening the heart as an Awake in the Wild teacher. Her retreats and workshops focus on enhancing a sense of meaning, purpose, and well-being through mindfulness practices, reflective writing, yoga, hiking, and outdoor experiential exercises.

Gail expresses love in all her practices- medicine, meditation, and motherhood. Bringing a positive and holistic approach, she is both playful and reflective. Since her time as a collegiate athlete and team captain, she has been a connector and team builder. She has extensive experience teaching and mentoring diverse groups- including patients, clinicians, athletes, writers, parents, teenagers, and youth community leaders. She completed her Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach followed by Nature Meditation Teacher Certification with Mark Coleman. Her life has been greatly influenced by pediatrician and wisdom teacher, Dr. Rachel Remen, and by the call to the sacred in wilderness in the writing of Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Oliver, and David Whyte.

Beyond that, Gail is in her groove at the ocean, bicycling, hiking among the redwoods, practicing yoga, and dancing and laughing anywhere with friends and family.