Jan 08

Guide: Heather Rupp

Heather Rupp
Oxford, MD

About Me

Heather has spent the last fifteen years researching the mind from the outside looking in as a neuroscientist with a Ph.D from Emory University in Behavioral Neuroscience. Following training and certification with the Mindfulness Training Institute and Awake in the Wild, she now combines her scientific knowledge with the practice of Mindfulness to examine the mind from the inside looking out. Her students are guided through her teachings to view their own minds as laboratories from which to experiment and learn about themselves, personal patterns, emotions, cognitions, and their own potential. She grounds the practice in scientific validity and real-world practicality to make it accessible and understandable so that people can learn to incorporate Mindfulness effectively into their daily lives. Heather enjoys pairing Mindfulness with nature to help students deepen or initiate their Mindfulness practice and appreciation of nature. Heather runs indoor and outdoor programs from her studio EbbTide Wellness on the beautiful eastern shore of Maryland.