Mar 26

Guide: Kacey Hart

Kacey Hart
Kacey Hart
San Francisco Bay Area
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Kacey guides nature-based meditation from the heart with a voice of quiet strength. Having grown up immersed in the beauty of the Sierras and the California Coast, she developed a deep appreciation for the healing qualities of nature that has only increased through years of meditation practice and study.

Kacey’s skills are especially well suited for small groups or private sessions; she would be an excellent guide for people who don’t enjoy practicing in a group setting, or those faced with challenging life circumstances that would benefit from a more private container. Her own practice has developed her capacity to hold space in a deep and sustaining way. Her hope is to use these skills to serve others, offering tools and techniques for healing and growth by facilitating increased awareness of the support that is always available in the natural world.

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