Feb 09

Guide: Kayla Falk

kayla falk

Kayla Falk
Los Angeles, CA

About Me

Kayla Falk is a passionate explorer of contemplative practice and nature, which have been her most trusted sources of healing and wisdom. The pursuit of her heart is the reciprocal healing of human beings and our Earth.

She is currently a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she weaves nature and spiritual practice into healing. She holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University with a focus on Spirituality and a B.A. from Duke University in Public Health. In recent years, she has devoted significant time to immersing herself in nature-based contemplative practice and Buddhist training environments: camping in the open wilderness on silent meditation retreats; living at nature-based Buddhist monasteries and retreat centers; and working in medicinal gardens and permaculture farms.

Kayla is a trained mindfulness teacher and offers retreats, workshops, and counseling. Weaving her training in mindfulness, western psychology, Buddhist wisdom, and herbalism, she offers immersive nature experiences to awaken the mind and heart.

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