Feb 05

Guide: Kelly Werner

Kelly Werner
San Francisco, CA

About Me

Dr. Kelly Werner helps people prioritize and cultivate peace within themselves. In her workshops with the United Nations with Peace on Purpose and with the corporations through Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (a mindfulness based emotional intelligence program founded at Google) (www.siyli.org) she teaches evidence-based practices for inner resilience and thriving. With her individual clients as a clinical psychologist (PSY21858) she helps people access their wisest, loving empowered self amidst their hardest moments (www.sf-act.com). “Tell Me…” (her authentic conversation game) facilitates self-discovery, connection and trust with family, friends and workplace teams (www.tellmethegame.com). She leads mindful hikes and daylong retreats to help people reconnect with the intimacy of their own being and nature. Throughout all of her work with groups and individuals she aims to help people drop out of their minds, come home to their being and reside as awareness. She’s an emotional intelligence expert and her work is informed by her Ph.D. research neuroscience and emotional intelligence at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford.