Feb 05

Guide: Nicki Clark

Nicki Clark
Nicki Clark
Muri Beach, CA

About Me

Born and raised in Marin County, Nicki has loved outdoor activities since childhood.  She grew up surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking and exploring the beauty of all that Marin has to offer. Nicki has worked as a raft guide, mountain bike guide, snowboard instructor, glacier guide, surf instructor and personal trainer, in many different places.

in 2014, Nicki started Marin Outdoor Adventure, an outdoor adventure company dedicated to connecting people to nature and themselves.  Marin Outdoor Adventure offers surf lessons, guided hikes, as well as mindfulness in nature retreats.  Nicki works with a number of non-profits and organizations leading adventure therapy for cancer survivors, and people in recovery.

Nicki’s passion is connecting others with the therapeutic benefits of nature and adventure.  She believes in the positive power and benefits of mindfulness, and often incorporates mindful practices into the adventures she leads.