Mar 27

Guide: Odin Zackman

Odin Zackman
Odin Zackman
Berkeley, CA

About Me

Odin has been leading experiences for people in nature since he was a boy sharing the wonder of nature with others working at a conservancy near his childhood home in upstate New York. Steeped in meditation and yoga practice over the past 25 years, Odin brings groundedness, aliveness and fun to the work he does. He is committed to weaving practices that build resilience, reverence, and renewal into this work with others.

In addition to leading retreats in nature, he is the founder of DIG IN, dedicated to catalyzing sustainability and social change initiatives. He works nationally with communities, organizations, and collaborative networks to provide training, leadership development, facilitation, and conflict resolution modeled on natural systems. Odin has also worked as an environmental advocate, community organizer and educator, landscape designer, and naturalist.

He loves time in the wilderness, in the garden, and in the kitchen and doing anything that helps build community and connection. Odin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he spends time exploring the coast and the hills with his three dogs and two human members of his family. (The cats prefer staying inside) For more about Odin and his work, please visit:  or