Feb 20

Guide: Quentin Finney

Quentin Finney
Quentin Finney
Boulder, CO
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About Quentin Finney

Quentin Finney is a human, father, best-selling author, international certified mindfulness teacher, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and long time practitioner.

In the tech sector for over two decades, he held various operational and executive leadership roles with organizations including Google, Red Hat, EMC, and six startups. Over the last decade, he has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, international government organizations, and nonprofits, all in the name of building high trust environments where people can thrive in connection and community.

Introduced to meditation in middle school, he turned to more formal meditation study and deep self inquiry 20+ years ago in order to be more fully present with this thing called life. He now focuses on helping others as they discover the inner wisdom they don’t always recognize they have, especially supported by nature and the natural world.

He firmly believes we’re just not meant to do any of this alone.